There is something in the peaceful birdsong of a summer garden, the humming bumblebees and the scent of a thousand flowers in gentle hues and bright sun-filled pops of colour, that can bring such absolute delight and gratitude to the soul. Amongst the honeysuckle and the rambling roses of the garden is where I am at my happiest, and most fulfilled. 

Having the opportunity to surround a couple and their family and friends with those most beautiful colours, textures and perfumes, on their day full of love and celebration, is a delight and an honour for which I am eternally grateful. 

From the childhood hours spent playing in the bluebell woods with my sister, to watching the gentle brush strokes of my grandadโ€™s delicate watercolours, flowers have been such a part of me for as long as I can remember, that it has always felt natural to be building my lifeโ€™s work around them, and it has now been twelve years since I first set out on my flower-filled journey. 

Through my work in the busy, high-fashion flower shops of London, to building my own business in Bath and shifting the focus entirely to wedding and styling work, the experiences and passion I have for flowering have grown and developed with me, and I feel lucky to know that I am right where I should be, and loving each day of what I am doing. 



I joined the honeysuckle flower co team in 2016 , with 10 years experience in styling and event floristry. Having trained as a jeweller I have a solid background in design. I have a deep interest in both designing/making and in collecting and gathering- curating has always been quite a fascination of mine.

I am totally inspired by nature and the seasons; Taking inspiration from all kinds of things, from walls of rambling roses, masses of knotted roots or stems washed up on the shore, to beautiful textures of wild grasses or slates on a roof. My love is for naturalistic compositions, like still life paintings- the play of light and dark and the considered arrangement of a captured moment.  

I have collected all sorts of objects since I was young, spending many hours with my Nain (welsh Granny) trawling through junk shops and car boot sales finding the best things to work with.This is still my favourite pastime, always driven by the feeling of returning home and finding the perfect place to display my new objects.

Working within styling is a dream come true to me, but also a natural progression of the gathering and displaying that has always been a part of my life. Over the years floristry has become an added joy, creating and playing with the most beautiful textures and colours to create something so personal and elegant really is a special feeling.

I love the whole process of event and floristry design, an important part of it for me is connecting with clients and working with them to create something really special. It is such a honour to be a part of the journey on some very special occasions and totally uplifting to see a spark of an idea develop and translate into a very beautiful day.



Header image by: Katrina Bartlam Photography